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Can you hear what they sing?
Современные песни на уроках английского языка
Большинство учителей английского языка имеют возможность использовать ИКТ на уроках, но часто им не хватает дополнительных материалов, чтобы сделать уроки более интересными и привлечь внимание учащихся. Проанализировав результаты своей работы и работы коллег, я пришла к заключению, что многие учителя иностранного языка сталкиваются также с проблемой недостаточного развития у учащихся речевых навыков, особенно аудирования.
Не вызывает сомнений то, что подростки интересуются песнями на английском языке, вот почему в основе моего проекта именно популярные песни на английском языке, работая с ними возможно использовать и современные технические средства, вплоть до караоке, и эффективно развивать коммуникативные навыки.
После прочтения различных работ по данной проблеме, можно сказать, что не нашлось ни одной, в которой бы авторы показывали как работать с песнями только для развития навыков аудирования. Но ведь это довольно актуально в наши дни.
Большинство авторов, чьи работы были изучены, не дают нам четкой модели работы с песнями, но я полагаю, что модель Майкла Роста наиболее эффективна.
Help the students focus their attention
Get them thinking about content.
Have them set a purpose for participating.

Set the task
Provide criteria for successful listening.
Model what you would like them to do as they listen.

Let the students do the task
Observe them as they do the task.
Note how they are doing the task:
where they are succeeding and
where they are having trouble.
Evaluate task

Provide a follow-up
Как вы видите после заданий на аудирование М. Рост предлагает использовать песни в дальнейшей классной или домашней работе, но я не думаю, что необходимо включать подобные задания в свой проект т. к. цели уроков очень разные и учителя могут выбрать послетекстовые задания сами.
Таким образом целью моей работы стало развитие навыков аудирования у учащихся уровня pre-intermediate посредством учебного пособия.
Идея проекта - разработать учебное пособие на основе популярных песен на английском языке. В брошюре представлены две первые стадии работы с песнями: дотекстовая и текстовая стадии. Также предлагается использовать материалы о исполнителях, упражнения основанные на этой информации и упражнения, связанные с выделением детальной информации. Но необходимо заметить, что это дополнительные упражнения, так как они связанны с чтением, а я не ставила целью развитие данного навыка. Предлагаемое учебное пособие может быть использовано учителем по своему усмотрению с целью развития навыков аудирования, т. к. является самостоятельным учебным пособием и не привязано ни к одному учебнику.
Работая над проектом, я расположила песни в логическом порядке: от простых к более сложным. В итоге получилось учебное пособие, состоящее из 10 песен на английском языке, упражнений к ним, материалов о исполнителях, упражнений на основе этой информации, ключей ко всем заданиям. Вот пример работы с песней на основе пособия:

Song 9.
Craig David "I'm walking away"
Craig Ashley David was born in Southampton on May 5th 1981 to parents Tina and George. He was a good student at Bellemoor Secondary School achieving many GCSE passes including his favourite subject History, and while there he took part in a number of plays and school concerts. However his first love has always been music, and especially R&B artists like Terence Trent D'Arby, Michael Jackson, R Kelly and Donell Jones. He began writing his own material at twelve and at fifteen began MCing at the local club his father was chairman of. He teamed up with DJ Flash and the pair also did spots on pirate radio station PCRS 106.5FM. In time he got interested in the Garage scene and soon met another local boy Mark Hill, one half of Artful Dodger, who encouraged him to develop his own songs...
Craig David's big break came in late 1999 when after being massive in the clubs, Rewind by the Artful Dodger got a full release and major airplay on UK radio. Artful Dodger are Mark Hill and Pete Devereux and also hail from David's home town of Southampton. Craig met Mark while DJing in the clubs and the two wrote the track that would eventually become Rewind. Since his solo success Craig has also contributed a cameo to Artful Dodger's third hit Woman Trouble. Although it seems like a little of luck that Craig was in at the start of the commercial success of Garage, he believes it has as much to do with hard work.
Born To Do It, Craig's first solo album, was released in the UK on August 14th and instantly made no 1. It has gone on to be no 1 in many other countries including Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Malaysia. More R&B than garage the album reveals the smoothness and dexterity of his vocal talents as well as his strong song-writing skills. The title may seem a little arrogant but is actually taken from Craig's favourite film while growing up Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In that the candy man is asked how he makes such great candy. But rather than explain he just replies that you wouldn't ask a fish how it swims or a bird how it flies because they were "born to do it".
Craig's favourite track from the album, because it has the best production values, is Follow Me. Many reviewers however dissed the artist a bit for this song as it portrays Craig as a Casanova and at such a young age what would he know about these things... It's a cool track nevertheless and no doubt many of his female fans would follow him to his bedroom if they could...
Garage probably began in 1995 when Armand van Helden first starting mixing house and drum'n'bass. Other artists followed suit including Rip and MJ Cole. Two-step Garage began to appear in late 1997 and by 1999 artists like Artful Dodger, Shanks and Bigfoot and DJ Luck and MC Neat began to get airplay and eventually full commercial success. The underground scene has moved on and is still evolving. Craig David is not really considered a garage artist - his main thing is R&B but there's no doubt the success of the movement has been important to his career too...
The song that launched Craig David's solo career was Fill Me In. Musically it's an astonishing mix of a two-step chorus with R&B verses but more than that lyrically it takes an everyday teenage situation of lovers sneaking behind parents' backs and puts it into a song that's fresh, and almost conversational in its construction. The video started with Craig performing in the sort of set-up he must have been used to in his pirate radio days, and continues by portraying the story in the song. It also includes a few shots of Craig walking the ledge outside his girlfriend's window. The single debuted at no 1 in the UK on 9th April and caused quite a stir in the industry. Since then the music press have been branding him the future of UK music and rightly so. At the 2000 Music Of Black Origin awards (MOBOs) the song won Best R&B Act and Best UK Single and Craig also received the award for Best UK Newcomer.
The 2001 Brits (the UK equivalent of the US Grammies) should have proven to be good for Craig David as he had received the most nominations ever in the history of the event. The previous record-holders were Blur in 1996. The categories Craig was nominated for were Best British Album (main competition Radiohead and Coldplay), Best British Dance Act (Artful Dodger are also in the running), Best British Male (could Craig beat Robbie Williams?), R&B/Urban (which surely had Craig's name on it already), and Best British Single and Best British Video (both for '7 days'). The ceremony was on February 26th, and sadly our boy received no honour although he did perform at the event. Maybe it proves what an all-round entertainer he is - whatever, I'm sure a long career will provide plenty of prizes...

* True/ false
a. David's home town is New York.
b. Craig's first solo album is " Born to do it".
c. C. David prefer funk music.
d. " Born to do it" Is more R&B than garage album.
e. " Walking away" is Craig David's second solo single.
f. When he was a teenager he liked music of Terence Trent D'arby, M. Jacson, R. Kelly.

1). Guess the meaning of the underlined words with the help of definitions.
a. Compromise is a way of solving a problem or ending an argument in which both people accept that they cannot have everything they want.
b. Spread means to give information to many people.
c. To whisper is a very quiet way of saying so that other people cannot hear you.
d. A wise persons are able to make good choices and decisions because they have a lot of experience.
e. To mention means to say or write something about somebody/something without giving much information.
f. Powder room is a women's toilet in a public building.

2). Put the words from the previous exercise into the following sentences.
a. She felt a pain in the stomach in restaurant and went to the ….
b. His voice was little more than a ….
c. Both sides have agreed to meet in the hope of reaching a ….
d. Someone has been …bad news about Jane's private life.
e. He … to me that he might be late.
f. She was an old and …woman.

1). Listen to the song " I'm walking away" , what is this song about?
2). Choose the form you've heard.
1. Sometimes some people …wrong.
a. take me b. get me c. got me
2. I'm …away from the troubles in my life.
a. walking b. walked c. walks
3. That's why you ….
a. jump and run b. turn and run c. run and run
4. Well I'm so …baby.
a. tired b. tire c. tires
5. Well I ……live my life
a. don't want b. don't wanna c. doesn't want

3).Listen to the song again and cross out the unnecessary words.

I'm walking away, from the troubles out in my life
I'm walking away (yeah) oh, to find a more better day
I'm walking away (I'm walking away)
From the troubles out in my life
I'm walking away (yeah) oh, to find a more better day
I'm walking away
Sometimes some good people get me wrong
When it's something I've said or done
Sometimes you feel angry there is no fun
That's why you turn and run
But now I truly realise
Some people don't wanna to get compromise
Well, I saw them with my own eyes
Spreading those awful lies, and
Well, I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say, lady
I'm walking away, from the troubles out in my life
I'm walking away (yeah) oh, to find a more better day
I'm walking away (I'm walking away)
From the troubles out in my life
I'm walking away (yeah) oh, to find a more better day
I'm walking away
Well, I'm so tired, baby
Things you say, you're driving of me away
Whispers in the powder room, baby
Don't listen to the child games they play
Girl, I thought you'd realise
I'm not like them and other guys
Coz I saw them with my own eyes
You should've been more wise, and
Well, I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say, lady
I'm walking away (now I'm walking away)
From the troubles out in my life (from the troubles in my life)
I'm walking away (yeah) oh, to find a more better day
I'm walking away (I'm walking away)
From the troubles out in my life (troubles in my life)
I'm walking away (yeah) (I'm walking away)
Oh, to find a more better day

* Answer the question: how do you think what problems does the young man want to avoid?

Проанализировав результаты работы с пособием, я пришла к выводу, что работа с пенями для развития навыков аудирования достаточно успешна: показатели тестов улучшились. Это можно объяснить тем, что повысился интерес учащихся к данному виду речевой деятельности. Материалы пособия были так же опробованы моими коллегами и мы получили положительные отзывы.
В заключении отмечу, что преподаватели сами могут составлять аналогичные модели занятий целью, которых будет развитие навыков аудирования, я надеюсь, что наше учебное пособие поможет им в этой работе.
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